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Proparms Safety Ensured
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EOD Waterjet Disrupters and Tools

Proparms Ltd., proudly serving REAL OPERATORS IN REAL OPERATIONS.  A longstanding worldwide leader with proven expertise in the development and manufacture of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Waterjet Disrupters and Tools.  The product brand names are NEUTREX®, and RECOILLESS®. The company offers high-end solutions, promoting safety and never compromising quality.

Proparms`s Waterjet Disrupters can be found in the EOD Tool Kit of bomb technicians in more than 80 countries, including every squad team throughout Canada. After thirty years, the company`s “water cannons” are mounted on every major robotic system worldwide, through the development of its unsurpassed recoilless technology - lack of recoil to the extent that Proparms 12.5mm RC Unit can be fired from the top of an empty Cola can

Proparms Ltd. will strive to develop and promote the safety of its products and to meet their criteria of performance and service by adhering to and continually improving the effectiveness of the quality program through the efforts of each employee and the company management team.  The original 20mm Neutrex Waterjet Disrupter is still in service after 25 years, proof of Proparms commitment to quality, reliability and safety.







“The 12.5mm Recoilless is an effective tool for rendering safe WMD-type devices as it provides a more "surgical" interruption. ”
Bomb Technician
“The 20mm Recoilless is a versatile tool that can be used with a variety of robots and initiated electrically or with Shock Tube.”
Bomb Technician
RCMP, Canada
Safety Tips

Safety Tip 1

In the interest of safety, never stand in front of or behind a loaded Disrupter.


Safety Tip 2

When attaching an electric firing line to any Disrupter, verify that the opposite ends of the wires are shunted (twisted together) to ensure there is no electrical current in the firing line.

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