The 10mm One-Shot is intended as a general purpose, single use disrupter, designed and manufactured to combat the threat of IEDs. It is a small, yet powerful disrupter, pre-loaded with smokeless powder and igniter and fires traditional water shots. It may be fired with a Proparms blasting machine and firing line or with an optional 6V minimum source. Three wire legs are included which can be bent to provide a simple tripod stand for manual deployment. The One Shot can also be deployed on robotic platforms.

Technical Information

Bore diameter: 10mm (0.4")
Total length: 20 cm (8")
Total weight: 150 g (5.3 oz.)
Peak liquid projectile velocity at muzzle: 490 m/s (1,610 ft/s)
Kinetic energy delivered on target by liquid projectile: 1.2 kJ
Maximum recoil impulse: 8.0 N.s
10mm One-Shot Disrupter

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