The 29mm Recoilless XLT, is Proparms largest bore recoilless disrupter. At less than 5 kg it is not only ideally suited for medium and large robotic applications, but its lack of recoil minimizes costly damage to the mechanics on their platforms. As with all Proparms recoilless disrupters, the 29mm RC XLT can be mounted and fired from a camera tripod stand.

Technical Information

Bore diameter: 29mm (1.1")
Total length: 55 cm (22")
Total weight: 4.8 kg (11.0 lbs.)
Peak liquid projectile velocity at muzzle: 450 m/s (1,475 ft/s)
Kinetic energy delivered on target by liquid projectile: 14.1 kJ
Recoil reduction: 95%
29mm Recoilless XLT Waterjet Disrupter

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