Disrupter Safety

Safety issues are a major factor in the initial design of each of Proparms disrupter products.

Although it is our belief that our Waterjet Disrupters are meant to provide for the security of the public, we feel that the security of its operators is of equal importance.


Thus, Proparms has invested in the following areas in order to ensure the highest level of safety:

  • Our equipment is manufactured according to military requirements.
  • Proparms specially designed electrically primed ammunition is 99.999% guaranteed not to prematurely initiate.
  • Proparms equipment is accompanied by a detailed operators/maintenance manual that includes comprehensive safety guidelines.

Disrupter Timely Setup

Emergency situations require immediate and rapid response. Proparms has taken extra care to ensure that its disrupter setup times are kept to a minimum, ranging between 2–5 minutes. Some models require no tools for setup and preparation.

The Waterjet Disrupter has been designed to be placed in narrow areas and locations where opportunity for extra setup time is limited.


Reload time is also kept to a minimum, which enables results to be achieved in an efficient manner without compromising the safety of the equipment operator.

Proparms Waterjet Disrupter maintenance is minimal and avoids the cleaning issues associated with the use of black powder, as required for competitors’ equipment.