The power of the Wizard Recoilless Disrupter will successfully decap a pipe bomb with watershot only. The use of water, as opposed to a solid projectile, prevents sparking thereby reducing the risk of the pipe bomb high-ordering. The Wizard disrupter is user-friendly and easy to assemble, with no breech or tools required for setup and preparation. It not only has long range capabilities but is lightweight and ideally suited for robotic platforms. The Wizard may be manually deployed, even from a camera tripod, causing no damage to either the disrupter or the stand.

Technical Information

Bore diameter: 20mm (0.8")
Total length: 56 cm (22")
Total weight: 3.3 kg (7.1 lbs.)
Peak liquid projectile velocity at muzzle: 600 m/s (1,970 ft/s)
Kinetic energy delivered on target by liquid projectile: 18.0 kJ
Recoil reduction: 98%
Wizard Recoilless Waterjet Disrupter

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